Hello and welcome to Suner tattoos.

I'm Amir Armendariz, a tattooist established in Southern California since 2014.  

My work is mainly inspired by the best tattoo artist from all around the world. When I was a kid murals took me in to self expression, eventually I got an art background studying graphics and was in 2007 when I started this amazing career I proudly enjoy today.

Thanks for your visit and overall very much for the support.


  1. Amir did a wonderful job! He took the time to create the artwork and work with me to get the Tattoo that I wanted. It was an enjoyable experience to see done and even better then I dreamed! He is an amazing artist!
  2. I have to say, my tattoo is perfect! I couldn’t have asked for a better artists, he listened to what I wanted, but also added his own flare on my design by reworking the details, and I couldn’t have imagined it better!! It is beautiful!
  3. Most amazing atmosphere! Amazing artists and they all made the experience so much better than any of the other shops I've been to
  4. I had 2 tattoos done by Amir about a year ago now, they healed up nicely and i couldn't be happier with them. I'll definitely be back.
  5. Had a tattoo of a Griffin done on my ribs! The guy is a legend. Everybody that has seen it so far is just super impressed with the quality of work he has done.
  6. Honestly, the best place to get a tattoo. I got my tattoo from Amir and his work is unbelievable. The artist is amazing at what he does !